Monday, November 19, 2012

No Spend Month Monday Update..

It's a week before Black Friday, and so far, I've stayed within budget. I do plan on going shopping this Friday, but also have work Friday morning, so don't intend on being a crazy Black Friday-er. :) I am excited to say this has been the closest I've ever been to succeeding. What's the secret? There definitely a lot of variables that are allowing this to be a success. Being out of town with zero need to spend money has definitely been a huge factor. Another key player is my consistency in packed lunches. There are so many days (like today) where I'll crave Chik-Fil-A, or something completely random. But much like when one is dieting, it takes a good amount of self-control to say "no," and from there, I'm golden! :) I have also made smarter clothing purchases. Before buying anything, I ask myself, "Will I be wearing this two seasons from now?" I know that sounds like forever away, but trust me. My good pieces last me for years and years. I have a down jacket that I've had since high school!! So although there are many cute sweaters and cardigans and tops, I need to ask myself if it's cute because it's currently in fashion, or because it's timelessly my style.  At the end of the day, it boils down to smart, self-controlled decisions. I need to see the big picture, and not act impulsively. Whether it be my stomach speaking to me or my eyes, I need to see that the majority of my purchases are for short-lived pleasures. bigger picture. bigger picture. bigger picture!!

So here's what I've spent my hard earned cash the past two weeks....

  1. November 12: $20.33 - Dollar Tree; I wanted to make Mercury Glass candle votives. It's impossible to find the right spray paint, so I may give up on this project and return the candle votives.
  2. November 12: $8.58 - Home Depot; spent on the wrong spray paint. 
  3. November 14: $11.38 - Hancock Fabrics; pearl pins and ribbon for my ornament (see previous post)
  4. November 14: $35.04 - Michael's; styrofoam balls, circle cutter (wanted to make Christmas cards, but I think the circles it cuts are too big..), & pearl balls
  5. November 14: $15.96 - Arby's; dinner for two.
  6. November 16: $7.53 - Arby's; my lunch.
  7. November 17: $58.20 - Birthday gifts/wrap & cards for my Vietalien babies. :)
Sub-total for the past two weeks: $157.02 (yikes!!)
Well, I guess I won't be spending another penny for the rest of November! Wish me luck! :)

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