Saturday, January 16, 2010


Saturday afternoon... weather is chilly & drizzly...
It's been a while since I've taken the time to be hypnotized by mr.victor kim, sooo.. I took the liberty of doing that..
victor's yellow cover on the ukulele ;)
I love this video.. probably cus he plays his uke in it.. I love the uke. :)
...there's this mountain/road in santa barbara called gibraltar that I absolutely adore going to at night... there's this little ledge that you can pull off to.. and you can see a gorgeous view of sb.. but more than that.. if you look up, the stars that are looking down at you are so so close & bright..
I wish I could build a house ...or a shack, rather... on that tiny tiny ledge and have a glass ceiling so that the last things I see before I drift off to sleep are those stars... it's my favoritest place ever.
I listen to this song and that place of awesomeness comes to mind...

going back to ukulele's...another favorite.. :)

lydia paek & victor kim's cover...
she's so hahaha I'm so jealous of all the things she's capable of doing..

gabe bondoc.another beautiful piece of creation.

iu & 나윤권's 첫사랑이죠


okay, enough music talk.

Ritter is nasty. I know there are many many more like him.. if not than worse than him.. and he is stuck with the publicity due to his position and relation to the UN...same goes for Woods... these acts are nothing new... but it doesn't change the fact that they're wrong.
I mean seriously, how're you going to be doing crap like that when you have 2 daughters of your own.

there was also a report on the high number of prostitutes.. and people protesting..
unless they're forced and sold off into it, it's their decision.. no?
If they really feel that the need for money is that great.. than why not allow it?
I don't know.. maybe I'm being a tad bit morbid & insensitive.. but it's how I feel on those kinds of things.. it's your decision.. it's your life.. face the consequences.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

caramel macchiato .

Tuesday morning.
woke up a bit late, but still got ready and left and got on marta on time :)
I'm awesome.

with 14 minutes to spare until my next class, I sit in the rec center to write in the blog that no one reads. :)

First class: American Lit.

Professor is another hippie woman (surprise...)
She has glasses, and had braided pigtails.
I don't mention these to prove her hippie-ness
...only mentioned to further show her .....eccentric self.

She said she loved.. cylons? cyborgs? battlestar galactica? dollhouse? patrick henry...
goes and dresses for dragoncon...and talked about other such sci-fi... "geektastic" things that I know no such thing about...
interestingly enough, it seems like I was the only person in that class to not know what she was talking about.
in short, the class is full of losers. fantastic.
I don't know if I'm extremely uneducated and ignorant to "american culture (if you will), or if these people are on a whole different level of idiocity than what I've already been exposed to...
either way.. I've come this far without knowing that....stuff.
but then again,, I haven't come very far in life.. and the distance that I have traveled... I've made a good number of mistakes...sooooo I don't know.. I suppose which one I am, is up for grabs...

She also said, "me and my friend."
nice english skills, sci fi dork.

Her personality seems relatively chill as long as you don't test her..fair enough...
it seems as if she's been bullied around and had her authorities questioned a lot as a child..I'm not surprised.

She also used, "fair enough" as if it were the only two words within her vocabulary...

the day is still young, and it is now time for busa!

Monday, January 11, 2010

quiero hablar..

remember the xanga days?
hahaha I was obsessed.
well. my blabber fingers that were on hibernation is finally awakening.

first day of school.

so, I want to wake up at 4:20, I set alarm 1 for 4:40, and alarm 2 for 4:48, I get out of bed at 4:52.

don't you love my punctuality?

I get on marta and open my bookbag to grab my ipod & I realize,, no notebook, no paper...
instead- I see lunch... fiber one bar... bottle of water... chapstick... laptop, usb cord, battery charger, crackers, apple, topless pen, wallet- perfect. sooo ready and well-prepared for school.

at the pool . . .
my current physical state has never been so pronounced until this morning when I saw myself in the mirror with my swim suit on.

I planned on swimming for 2 hours this morning.. after 20 minutes, I found myself looking at the clock to see how long I had swam for....

I approve on speedo making swimsuits & goggles.. but they need to steer away from swim caps... they really failed.

first class.. ..accounting
the whole 50minutes was spent on going over the syllabus. How dare she insult my intelligence by reading the damn thing to me... I must admit, it was a nice bedtime story.. cus I knocked out.. and woke up realizing I had lost my one & only writing utensil... darn.

gorilla? koala? panda? piglette.
usually, the issue is not being able to get me to the gym, but once I'm there.. I'm money ;),,
I got to the gym aye okay.. but I just wanted to leave.. even when I had 5 minutes left.. I wanted to leave... we're in trouble here, houston. :: no motivation.

my apple is now finished.
I would like to go home.
good night dear citizens<3