Monday, January 11, 2010

quiero hablar..

remember the xanga days?
hahaha I was obsessed.
well. my blabber fingers that were on hibernation is finally awakening.

first day of school.

so, I want to wake up at 4:20, I set alarm 1 for 4:40, and alarm 2 for 4:48, I get out of bed at 4:52.

don't you love my punctuality?

I get on marta and open my bookbag to grab my ipod & I realize,, no notebook, no paper...
instead- I see lunch... fiber one bar... bottle of water... chapstick... laptop, usb cord, battery charger, crackers, apple, topless pen, wallet- perfect. sooo ready and well-prepared for school.

at the pool . . .
my current physical state has never been so pronounced until this morning when I saw myself in the mirror with my swim suit on.

I planned on swimming for 2 hours this morning.. after 20 minutes, I found myself looking at the clock to see how long I had swam for....

I approve on speedo making swimsuits & goggles.. but they need to steer away from swim caps... they really failed.

first class.. ..accounting
the whole 50minutes was spent on going over the syllabus. How dare she insult my intelligence by reading the damn thing to me... I must admit, it was a nice bedtime story.. cus I knocked out.. and woke up realizing I had lost my one & only writing utensil... darn.

gorilla? koala? panda? piglette.
usually, the issue is not being able to get me to the gym, but once I'm there.. I'm money ;),,
I got to the gym aye okay.. but I just wanted to leave.. even when I had 5 minutes left.. I wanted to leave... we're in trouble here, houston. :: no motivation.

my apple is now finished.
I would like to go home.
good night dear citizens<3

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