Tuesday, January 12, 2010

caramel macchiato .

Tuesday morning.
woke up a bit late, but still got ready and left and got on marta on time :)
I'm awesome.

with 14 minutes to spare until my next class, I sit in the rec center to write in the blog that no one reads. :)

First class: American Lit.

Professor is another hippie woman (surprise...)
She has glasses, and had braided pigtails.
I don't mention these to prove her hippie-ness
...only mentioned to further show her .....eccentric self.

She said she loved.. cylons? cyborgs? battlestar galactica? dollhouse? patrick henry...
goes and dresses for dragoncon...and talked about other such sci-fi... "geektastic" things that I know no such thing about...
interestingly enough, it seems like I was the only person in that class to not know what she was talking about.
in short, the class is full of losers. fantastic.
I don't know if I'm extremely uneducated and ignorant to "american culture (if you will), or if these people are on a whole different level of idiocity than what I've already been exposed to...
either way.. I've come this farhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif without knowing that....stuff.
but then again,, I haven't come very far in life.. and the distance that I have traveled... I've made a good number of mistakes...sooooo I don't know.. I suppose which one I am, is up for grabs...

She also said, "me and my friend."
nice english skills, sci fi dork.

Her personality seems relatively chill as long as you don't test her..fair enough...
it seems as if she's been bullied around and had her authorities questioned a lot as a child..I'm not surprised.

She also used, "fair enough" as if it were the only two words within her vocabulary...

the day is still young, and it is now time for busa!

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