Friday, April 2, 2010


It's only been three days, yet it feels like it's been thirty-three days...
I don't know if that's good or bad..
Initially, I thought it was bad, cus usually time flies when you have fun, but the fat that I'm noticing the time "fly" by... shows that I'm not enjoying this..
or maybe, I'm used to this type of eating... so it feels like I've done this since forever.. *shrugs*

I went shopping yesterday.. I realized, I don't like shopping.. what I like is to be able to easily & quickly find alll these pretty clothes and try them on, and they look fabulous on me. pah.

I didn't work out this morning either... chica slept in an hour....again. -_-
I feel bloated
and sluggish
and lazy
and gross.


For my main meals... I got me some brown rice, the usual veggies, olive oil, salt, and this time.. I added some balsamic vinaigrette.. I'm actually excited about today's meal.. it's got a bit of a "tang" to it ;)

also! last night.. in addition to eating the little potato concoction up.. I made a little salad with spinich leaves, diced tomatoes, & carrots wiiiith *dun dun dunnn*
olive oil, salt, & balsamic vinaigrette.. and that mess is BANGIN'!
haha.. actually, I didn't really care for the carrots & spinach, but I love tomatoes.. and balsamic vin.. yomyom. I literally ate enough spinach to feed all of popeye & his family..

my current worry..
I'm having dinner with my friend from Korea that I haven't seen in what.. 4 years? I made reservations to Cafe Circa & Sundial,, for dessert
....I'm soooo in a dilemma.. *sigh* :*(

I suppose this is all for now.. ciaobye!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

day dos

The hardest thing about this project, is the fact that I have a nose.
I'm not hungry... but my stomach is filled with all this.. rabbit/baby food. So, when I smell something a bit more...PETA unfriendly.. I go crazy.
I've been craving a sub... I can eat a sub, right? hmm..
I also wonder.. how am I do make a salad dressing?
Ironic how there's so much effort put into a diet consisting such primitive foods.

I don't know how Daniel and his buddies came out with better health conditions after this... because personally, I'm wolfing down carbs like there is no tomorrow...

Speaking of no tomorrows.. I watched "2012" last night.. interesting movie.
I can't help but kind of worry... I know it may be another fluke, like the y2k bug.. but y2k bug wasn't about the extinction of the human race..
I realized, by winter of 2012, I'm going to be in California.. maybe I'll be in Yellowstone Park on Dec 12..juust like Charlie. hah, I kid.

Anyways. yesterday, my lunch/dinner consisted of pasta, bell peppers, spinach, salt, onions, aaand que mas..?

Last night, after my viewing of 2012, I got me some potaters, asparagus, all them other veggies, olive oil, & salt (my one and only source of flavor..) and steamed/sautéed that mess up together, and plopped this creation into a huge tupperware.

This morning,,
I woke up an hour & 15 mins late..
goodbye work.out! except.. as I was leaving my neighborhood, I realized my first class was cancelled.. Of course, lazy me-- did not turn around to grab my gym bag x)
Gobbled down a sweet potater, bananer, y 2 loaves of bread.

Last night, I dreamt that I was in my uncle & aunt's house over in cali..
I also dreamt that I accidentally, thoughtlessly ate something that I wasn't supposed to. I'm so careless, that it's actually a realistic threat :x

I suppose that is all, ciao bella!<3