Thursday, April 1, 2010

day dos

The hardest thing about this project, is the fact that I have a nose.
I'm not hungry... but my stomach is filled with all this.. rabbit/baby food. So, when I smell something a bit more...PETA unfriendly.. I go crazy.
I've been craving a sub... I can eat a sub, right? hmm..
I also wonder.. how am I do make a salad dressing?
Ironic how there's so much effort put into a diet consisting such primitive foods.

I don't know how Daniel and his buddies came out with better health conditions after this... because personally, I'm wolfing down carbs like there is no tomorrow...

Speaking of no tomorrows.. I watched "2012" last night.. interesting movie.
I can't help but kind of worry... I know it may be another fluke, like the y2k bug.. but y2k bug wasn't about the extinction of the human race..
I realized, by winter of 2012, I'm going to be in California.. maybe I'll be in Yellowstone Park on Dec 12..juust like Charlie. hah, I kid.

Anyways. yesterday, my lunch/dinner consisted of pasta, bell peppers, spinach, salt, onions, aaand que mas..?

Last night, after my viewing of 2012, I got me some potaters, asparagus, all them other veggies, olive oil, & salt (my one and only source of flavor..) and steamed/sautéed that mess up together, and plopped this creation into a huge tupperware.

This morning,,
I woke up an hour & 15 mins late..
goodbye work.out! except.. as I was leaving my neighborhood, I realized my first class was cancelled.. Of course, lazy me-- did not turn around to grab my gym bag x)
Gobbled down a sweet potater, bananer, y 2 loaves of bread.

Last night, I dreamt that I was in my uncle & aunt's house over in cali..
I also dreamt that I accidentally, thoughtlessly ate something that I wasn't supposed to. I'm so careless, that it's actually a realistic threat :x

I suppose that is all, ciao bella!<3

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