Wednesday, March 31, 2010

day ONE! go go go~~*

So, I watched that Julia & Julie movie several weeks ago.. I didn't love it.. but I thought that it was nice how Julie embarked on a little adventure..
Out of boredom, I've decided to see if I could go 21 days without eating anything...not-primitive.
Daniel Fast is what it's called, but I don't want to call it that.. because the word "fast" makes it sound all holy.. and spiritual..& those are not my intentions.
Daniel Diet is another name, but that makes it sound like I'm doing some.. banana/lemon fad diet/cleanser.. which is also not what I'm after.
I have opted to calling it "my Daniel thing."
Isn't that perfect?
Specific enough to where you'll know what I'm talking about, yet ambiguous enough to give this project's purpose some space :).


I went to the store last night,, after watching "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"
which by the way, I thought the movie was really awkward.. and the two had no chemistry..
I blame it on SJP.. I don't think the role was very fitting for her
..but then again, that could be a biased remark.. cus I love Hugh Grant<3
bought some veggies and beans..
went back home and made pasta.
I was scared that it would be bland.. considering I used only salt & cayenne pepper to season, but I realized vegetables are quite flavorful!
This thought led me to another-- when we use pasta sauce for pasta.. it's amazing how much flavor from the components are just sucked out!

Breakfast & Dinner do not worry me much, as I usually have a banana & pb&honey sandwich (the latter, I cannot consume for this thing, so I've replaced the sandwich with an apple & edemames.)

Lunch, also does not worry me much,, I just need to replace the meat factor with some greens or beans or potaters or vatever.

I worry about the "going out and eating with friends."
yes. this is & will continue to be my greatest concern & fear.
Oh, I am also abstaining from coffee. no caffeine!

SO this morning, I woke up all swollen eyed; KNOCKED out on marta; aaand arrived to the SRC brain dead.
I started my workout with anaerobic stuff... and it was all oh so very sluggish.
I even dozed off on the mat while doing some core workouts (oooops.)
But do you know what the amazing thing about running when I'm brain dead is??
Because I'm running without thought, I'm able to run so much more...
I don't know whether I should be pleased about this or frustrated.
This clearly means that my body is capable of doing xxmiles, but because of my active brain, I end up doing xx-x number of miles. Sure, the few times where I'm running brain dead- I get some extra minutes in... but if only I were brain dead everyday!
I'd be running more than Salina Kosgei! kidding.
The power and control my brain has over my body is interesting, yet frightening.

oh! last weekend, I bought this sunscreen lotion.. and I'm in love with it!
it's spf50, and it's not greasy, nasty smelling at all.. :)<3
of course, it's not exactly the silkiest, best-smelling product ever, but for sunblock-- it's money! x)

I've blabbered long enough.. hopefully not all my posts will be this long..


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