Thursday, March 4, 2010

I hate coffee breath.

I forgot to chew gum this morning after I drank my coffee... and even though I've eaten a banana.. the coffee breath is swimming around my mouth. YUCK!

I hate being so obsessed with reasons.
reasons, answers, hypothesis, explanation, excuse,...what have you.
I wish I could be told, "cus that's just the way it is." and be tooootalllly okay with that crummy & thoughtless "answer."

When I'm....breathing, & not actively occupied with something, my mind is afloat... One of the few things that usually occupies my mind is, "why."
Why is blue....called "blue?"
Why isn't it fdsa?
It's almost like a 3-year old's brain on crack.

Another thing that almost always crosses my noggin.
Why is the majority of homeless (by black, I mean African American...not African, Jamaican, Dom. Republican, Aborigines, etc...)
Why not asian? hispanic? white? indian? etcetc...?
Okay, if you're white and homeless, you're kind of the epitome of fail.
I mean... you took this land and made it yours.. made your own rules up..kicked those that bothered you out...etc.
But doesn't it make sense for the minorities to be homeless?
For the most part, they don't speak English... the language of the land that they live in...
Because they're immigrants, the web of people they know is probably (or at least should be) far smaller than that of these black people...
I don't get it. You speak the language.. for the majority, you're not handicapped...and since you are the descendant of slaves that lasted, you are clearly made up of pretty decent genes.
I don't get it.. maybe it's because immigrants saved up a bit... but I mean, there are a good number of people that have screwed up their entrepreneurial businesses and have claimed bankruptcy...etcetc they're not homeless.
Even in this state of economy, there are plenty of jobs available for brainless twats.
I see "Help Wanted," "Now Hiring" signs pretty frequently...
So what is it?

So in conclusion, until there is a legit reason to explain and defend this group of ...people. I refuse to feel sorry for non-handicapped English speaking bums.

goooooooooooodness, I'm so thankful my essay is done with.. and that it's almost Friday, but jeebus. Can't it be Friday night already? I just want to sleep...and then indulge and waffle house. YUM.
the saddest thing is, I've actually been getting acceptable amounts of sleep this week..especially with the consideration of the workload that I've been given.

Am I making any sense?
Am I alone in this world of blabbering?
Helloo! (hello .. ello.... llo...oo...)<----- that's echo, by the way.
Okay, I've had too much caffeine. good day.

okay seriously. adios.

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  1. First thing I ate when I got back from my weekend in Texas was Waffle House. Grease galore.