Monday, February 1, 2010

play time's over

The greatly anticipated Friday night has come & gone... and it is now a Monday... a mundane Monday.
Friday was fun, I don't remember too much... but after a lovely 4.5 hours of sleep, I woke up at 9:30 the next day ready for some 라면...yum.
I do remember one thing.. there was this latin guy.. from what I remember and from my judgment at that time (I'll let you decide for yourself how legit those two things are..) was pretty attractive.. had asked me to dance...
latino: I want to dance with you..
me: mmmm, I'm not drunk enough for that yet...
*walks away non chalantly in great spirits*
HAHA. it still gives me giggles to think that I said that.. I wish I stayed long enough or actually remembered to look at his reaction.. cus that's a pretty blunt and hard blow. oops

at around 3-4am,, as my sister-in-law's closing up our tab, and I'm standing around in the vip, the same guy comes up to me and asks me to dance again.. saying he's been trying to dance with me alll night.. it was really almost endearing. poor fellow. He probably thinks I'm racist- which, I am...but I'm not towards the Latinos! oh well.

I don't know where my motivation and my obsessive freak out tense self has gone... because I'm back to my laid back self..and it's not good. not good at all. I need to stop hitting the books..really, very soon. A sobering thought,, spring break's in a month. lord.

Minnows are faster than guppies...yah? I think I'm able to promote myself to the title of a minnow..hooray :) "just keep swimmin' just keep swimmin...."

I'm so sleepy. I wish I could just sleep and bum and sleep and bum and eat and sleep for like.. a week straight. weekends are far too short for my needs. Although, after a 12-day work week-- this past weekend of fun & chill was pretty frantastic.

I have an hour until my next class.. let's see if I can get my little butt off this chair to a table to read and actually comprehend my insipid book with its interminable amount of reading.BLAH.

--ciao bellas<3>

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