Monday, July 22, 2013

"you're gonna miss this"

Hello? Is anyone there? Has it really been over six months since my last post? Sad.

So I figured, even if no one reads this, there are enough milestone-worthy events taking place for me to document them in some shape or form.

A.) The prodigal son.

Pepper is our 10-12 year old cat that Michael found in the woods of Auburn back in college.
About a month or so ago, Pepper went missing for about two weeks.
Even though Pepper is a fluffy, vicious (he loves catching inanimate mouse toys), and magnificent feline, we could not help but worry about him fending off the coyotes, hawks, snakes that also inhabit the surrounding areas.
Long story short, we received a phone call from a neighboring neighbor, and found our dearest Pepper hiding in a storm drain.
Definitely made us realize how much these little animals mean to us.

B.) Home is where the heart is... or where we can house the kitties and Enzo.

After months and months of searching for homes, we've finally found a house that we can confidently and ecstatically call "home". It has been an interesting process. And even more so because we are facing decisions that are slightly mature for our relationship. I know our relationship has always been slightly unconventional, and I definitely know of other beautiful couples that face much more outlandish situations, but I during the house hunting process, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed and doubtful at times. Such is life, I suppose....
Anyways, at the end of the day, we're both constantly excited and humbled by the great house God has blessed us with! All the time and effort of walking through countless numbers of front doors to different houses has definitely paid off, and we would have had it no other way!

C.) Maison Blanche or Oyster Bar?

Along with a new home comes new paint, furniture, decorations, appliances, and stress. :)
It's kind of a mixing bowl of emotions. Excitement, confusion, frustration, over-whelmededness, contentment, and so the list continues.
We're about set on the paint colors, but who knows. It's a completely different story once the paint actually touches the wall and meets the light.
We're about set on the type of furniture, but who knows. It's a completely different story once you pop your dream bubble and come back to reality with the term called, "a budget".
Decorations haven't even surfaced to the conversation level yet.
And appliances are kind of a different beast on its own.
We're totally well acquainted with stress though.

I guess that's about it. Maybe next time there'll be more substantial deco ideas to do posts by room.

p.s. Trace Adkins - You're Gonna Miss This. good stuff.