Thursday, October 16, 2014

Good Eating.

So on our mini-moon to Chattanooga, I was really convicted. The majority (if not all) of the restaurants we went to, rightfully boasted that their ingredients were local and/or organic. We went to this one diner near the river called, Blue Plate. And on their menu said:
"Our kitchen has no microwave.
Honest food can’t be rushed.
It’s made to order, everyday at The Blue Plate."
Now, this concept isn't anything new to me. My mom has been trying to convince Michael and me to stop using out microwave for years. But for some reason, this resonated with me.

Anyways, we get back home, and the following weekend, we meet up with my brother and sister-in-law (SIL) for some drinks and dessert. They tell us they have a wedding gift from one of our guests.
Later, we get home and open the gift. What is it? A counter-top conventional oven. (yes!!) I've wanted one for so long, but could never justify the cost of buying one. As soon as I opened it, I knew what it meant - we needed to trade the microwave for the oven. Plus, we were short on counter-top space, so this was an easy fix for that dilemma as well.

So, I now present (and brag) to you our microwave-less kitchen! Because "honest food can't be rushed." :)

Our new convection oven with my bowl of rice in it. :)