Monday, April 7, 2014

Respecting his clothes

I love style.
That doesn't always mean I like being trendy or laced with brands head to toe though. But I do appreciate a cute pair of peep toes from Cole Haan or shift dress from Anthropologie.

When Michael and I first started dating, I refused to be seen in the same thing twice. And if Michael would spontaneously call to hang out, and I was wearing something he had seen me in before, I'd run over to the store and buy a new outfit.
But as far as he went, I thought he was so adorable. He'd either be in his khakis and work polo, or a pair of chino shorts, a polo, and his Sperrys. I was so excited because I thought I was finally getting my preppy frat boy.
Boy was I wrong.
He is gratefully very aware of how he's dressed, but it's different from what I initially thought. I thought he'd be in seersucker pants, and plaid bow ties every other weekend. Nope.
So for the first several months we were together, I'd buy him an oxford shirt here.. a pair of chinos there, but I started to realize there's no need for me to dress him up. He's not my doll, nor does he need to be dressed to be put on display.
I have much to be grateful for. He knows how to iron his own clothes, and he will be in a bowtie, chinos, and a Brooks Brothers blazer in a minute at the appropriate times.
I have to remind myself that there were times where I'd see him in a t-shirt and a pair of athletic shorts, and I thought he looked hot in them with his chiseled and lean calves.

It doesn't mean I can't buy things for him, or share my opinion with him. Because he does the same for me. But I need to remind myself the things that are important in our relationship, and the things that make him the man that I love.

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