Friday, March 28, 2014

Respecting his Friends

This subject was an interesting one for me. One, because of the things mentioned in Ashley's blog. And two, just because of our current life experiences with our friends.

"Girls seem to get a bad rap for hating on their man's friends. Like the moment he gets married he is dragged away from his friends and his wife owns him and keeps him locked up never to be seen again. I think sometimes that stereotype can be somewhat accurate depending on the situation, but also a lot of the time the guy just WANTS to be settled and ends up not hanging out with his friends as much. I get that. (The friends don't usually get that from what I've observed.)"

I think there's some truth to that. I'll admit it. I am probably one of the most clingiest things to ever exist on this planet. Gratefully, Michael is too - but given that I'm a female, six years younger, and not as "seasoned" in my dating life - I beat him on this one. 
From day one until now, we've always spent a lot of time with each other. And there have been times, when he's expressed he misses hanging out with his guy friends.. and quite frankly, I'll take it personally. There have been other times though, that I'll miss hanging out with my girls so we'll have a girls night in/out. Funny thing is, when I let Michael know that I'm going out for the day or evening, he gets sad.
So I do see a good amount of truth from that quote above.


There was something else from Ashley's blog post that spoke to me -
"...instead of always referring back to the good ol' days, continue to HAVE the good ol' days right now."

There's so much truth to this. As much as I adore my time with Michael, and love being able to have him to myself' the last thing I would ever want is to have him sit and think, "Man, I miss the good ole' days with the guys."

These guys have helped shape who Michael is today. And in some areas, probably have had more influence on him than any other group of people. They've been behind him through the bad, and have been right by his side through the good. So if they're important enough to have been with Michael through the thick and thin, then the least I can do is respect them and their time with Michael.

Happy Friday! :)

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