Wednesday, September 15, 2010

an hour.

I have an hour left till my next/last class of the day.
Interesting how it's been approx. a month since my last blog.. yet it seems like so much longer.. boo.

I don't have any specific topic/thought in mind...
I do know that I'm sick, but getting better..
I do know that I'm never going to be satisfied with my schedule.
..I wish I could taste food.

I am so in love with the color gray.
It's such an unopinionated color.
okay. this is going to annoy me.
I think that "unopinionated" is a word.. does so too, but stupid firefox doesn't... and has it underlined in red.
STOP! :o(

.... I think I have a serious case of ADD.
I blame it on today's society.
I currently have 8 tabs open, and look at that pretty bird..
haha just kidding.
no but seriously.
I'm so preoccupied, that I don't even know what I am to type about.
so... au revoir.

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